kettler (kettler) wrote,

Wow, I just realized...

You know, I feel like mocking various LJ's and Xangas. If this seems like it applies to you, then don't worry. It doesn't.

liek omg

Oh noes, like, my 00ber hot significant other screwed around with someone. Reiterated "Oh noes!!1"

I am at an all-time low of depression, so I'll just get even further into depression, so I'll slit my wrist with a paper bag! The blood is just too freaking pretty!

omg that George Dubya's a retard, he can't even say nucular...oh wait, I can't say nucu-damnit!

Mitsurugi-Chan, lord of a bajillion seas! Save the purple dog of the five-clad clan! Only then can you awaken the mighty Super Saiyajin 1574170-54585764157109547741541502.2!

I have decided to retire this Xanga or Livejournal because my friend did something slightly out of the ordinary. Shame shame, bitch.
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